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For every optimistic there is a pessimist. For every day there is a night. It is the recurring equilibrium of energy in the universe that we materialize in the form of ΞYEIR. Through the spaceship of fashion & style, ΞYEIR brings balance to the abnormal within the normal, interpreted by way of; art and accessories inspired by faith, régime, individuality, and mortality. We at ΞYEIR always challenges our consumer to question the thought process of everyday society with style, soul, and grace & to decipher the world objectively, paying no attention to the view of the status quo. The goal for ΞYEIR is to conjure reactions and to create areas of dialogue through our designs and to raise the spirits of the consumer, to leave no stone unturned when searching for one’s own reality. This reality is represented and brashly stated with craftsmanship of our times pieces. Ultimately the world resides in your hands.



 ΞYEIR is a lifestyle that I feel brings together a vast assortment of similar countercultures from artists, musicians, photographers, to any creative like-minded individual; our beautiful time pieces transcends race and social structure, potentially exposing the individuals to a world free of prejudice or restriction. Obsessed by these ideals of self-expression and the freedom for individual belief, I see ΞYEIR watch collection as an extension of those very values that permeate both World history and tradition. We attempt to express those standards through the concentrated compilation that is called ΞYEIR.